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In 2009, the federal government mandated that as of a given date – June 11, 2009, all TVs in America had to “go Digital.” That was a big deal. Prior to that date, and beginning with the introduction of television in the 1940s, all TVs began as Analog and remained that way.

Now, Analog TV was an early innovation. It involved the receipt of television signals “over the air” and, while it was technically superior in the 1940s right up to and through the 1970s, the 1980s, even the 1990s it didn’t – and doesn’t – come close to matching the quality reception and audio available to viewers who have Digital televisions.

TV Converter Box CouponFor that reason and for others related to National Security, the federal government decided to shut down all Analog-generated television signals on the date indicated earlier in this article. Homeowners with Analog TVS (and that was most Americans and the vast majority of households) didn’t have to throw away their Analog TVs and replace them with Digital TVs. No, that is not what was required.

The government provided advance notice of the required upcoming change and even offered coupons to those who would have to convert their TV reception from Analog to Digital. The coupons enabled those who received them to get a Free TV Converter Box which, in 2009, cost anywhere from $50 to $70. So … the savings were significant and the Coupon Program was successful.

In fact, it was so well-received that the federal government actually extended the termination date for the Coupon Program and the time available for homeowners to switch from Analog to Digital. By the way, those who chose not to switch (for any reason) were slated to lose all access to TV programming when the switch finally took place. In other words, any homeowner who stubbornly chose to “remain Analog” and not get a TV Converter Box (which, of course, was Free throughout 2009 if you participated in the Coupon Program) would find that he or she could no longer enjoy TV reception.

So, it was imperative that people who owned Analog TVs entered the Coupon Program (run by the federal government) and take advantage of the opportunity to get a Free TV Converter Box. Millions of people did just that. In fact, the point was reached when the government exhausted its supply of TV Converter Boxes. And yet:

There were still many Americans who needed to complete the conversion. As a result, the Federal TV Converter Box Coupon Program still is active today … long after all homes in America were required to make the change from Analog to Digital.

Coupons are currently available by mail or telephone and the savings are still significant for those who need a TV Converter Box. If you are one of those people, you can find out how to get a Coupon by going online and using simple research for the information you require. It’s very easy to do … you’ll receive a TV Converter Box quickly … and you’ll enjoy at-home entertainment, including better visual and audio performance than you have now. And remember: it’s free!

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